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    Ash at tea

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    Let’s face it. Creating a world without barriers is a serious ambition. However, there’s nothing Jess and Ash enjoy more than having a good laugh and a chat over a cuppa.

    Join the sisters as they sample delicious high teas while talking about all things disability. They’ll also share their thoughts and ratings of venues or business’s accessibility to help those who have accessibility requirements to find the best hotels and restaraunts to visit. They will also offer tips on how the owners can ensure their venue is safe, welcoming and accessible for everyone.

    Jess and Ash will invite guests to join them for high tea and to share a different perspective on what it’s like to live with a disability in today’s world.

    The sisters plan to share a monthly vlog about their high tea adventures and you can help Jess and Ash change the world, one cup of tea (and a cupcake) at a time!

    How to be a part of the Accessibili-Tea.
    • Tuning in to their regular Accessibili-Tea vlog 
    • Following them on Instagram or via #AccessibiliTea and sharing it with your mates
    • Hosting your own Accessibili-Tea – start the conversation and share your pics on social – remember to tag it: #Accessibili-Tea. You might like to ask guests to make a donation and turn it into a fundraiser.
    • Nominating a special guest who you’d like Jess and Ash to invite along to their next Accessibili-Tea.

    Each Accessibili-Tea promises to offer a fun, friendly and honest conversation about creating a better world for people with disabilities.

    As it grows, we are aiming to host a larger fundraising event with guest speakers and honest and open conversations with both Ash, Jess and Troy. 



    Ash at tea

    Troy Sachs is on a mission to overcome public perceptions about people with disabilities. And he’s asking us all to look at the world through his eyes and see opportunities instead of barriers.

    “What if there was a place you could go to push your limits and try adaptive adventure activities?” Troy asks. “Together we can smash perceptions about what people with disabilities can do and create an environment free of labels.”

    A challenge like no other

    Xplorers9 is an extension of Troy’s lifelong work to challenge the status quo and show the abilities of people with disabilities across the world.

    By 2026, he aims to completely change the game for people with a disability by climbing the world’s seven highest peaks (more than 40,000m if combined into one vertical climb), skiing both the North and South Poles and breaking the current speed record for completing the Explorers 9 Last Degree (currently 139 days), all in pursuit of his goal to make adaptive adventure sports for people with disabilities more mainstream.

    Troy aims to become the third Australian and first ever amputee to complete the Explorers 9 Last Degree.

    The Xplorers9 fundraising campaign will help The Ree Foundation achieve its mission by raising awareness of the Ree Foundation and getting international awareness.


    Learn More

      What does Xplorers9 involve?

      To successfully complete the Explorers 9 Last Degree mission, Troy and his team will:

      • climb a combined height of 40,000 metres on some of the most challenging and technically difficult climbs on the planet
      • tackle glaciers, ice walls, rock faces and the physical demands of technical climbing at altitude
      • endure the mental and physical challenge of cross-country skiing more than 233 kilometres of snow and ice.
      Starting NOW!

      Troy’s first major event in his training program is the Ultra Trail Australia, a 100-kilometre trek through the Blue Mountains in NSW. No amputee has ever attempted this trail and Troy’s goal is to complete the trail in 21 hours. Keep up to date with Troy’s attempt.

      Join Troy’s Team

      If you’re ready for a challenge and want to really get involved with this incredible cause, take it to the next level and join Troy’s team.

      By becoming a partner or supporter, you too can have the unique opportunity to test your own physical and mental limits by joining Troy in training and planned expeditions, including:

      • Mt Everest Base Camp treks
      • Mt Kinabalu
      • Peru climbing
      • Nepal mountaineering and climbing.

      If you’re interested in pushing your limits and joining Troy’s Xplorers9 team get in touch here.

      Troy’s Training Events which will help raise funds for the Ree Foundation.

      • February 2022 – Coast to Coast, New Zealand
      • March 2022 – Six Foot Track, Blue Mountains, NSW
      • May 2022 – Ultra Trail Australia
      • August 2022 – Run Larapinta Trail
      • September 2022 – Rim to Rim, Grand Canyon

      Contact Troy to Learn More


      How is Troy preparing for the challenge?

      For this challenge, Troy needs to be in peak physical and mental condition.

      At every step of the way, he’ll be pushing the limits of his endurance.

      Troy’s training involves:

      • scaling multiple summits
      • ultra-trail running
      • multi-day long distance hiking
      • altitude training
      • abseiling
      • ice and rock climbing
      • cross country skiing and snowshoe expertise
      • alpine survival skills, including navigation and avalanche safety.

      He’ll be learning to overcome and navigate:

      • altitude sickness
      • crevasse falls and traverses
      • avalanches
      • collapsing ice pinnacles
      • frostbite
      • mental and physical exhaustion.
      How you can help

      Troy’s focus needs to be laser-sharp on getting into the best shape of his life.

      This challenge is a key activity to raise awareness of The Ree Foundation and show people living with a disability what is possible…. we can fulfil our mission of helping people with disabilities live their best lives.

      The easiest way to support Troy is to donate to the Xplorers9 challenge.

      Donate to Xplorers9 challenge here