A World Without Boundaries

We’re on a mission

The Ree Foundation is on a mission to radically shift perceptions about what people with a disability can do, and to foster and deliver programs that increase inclusion and opportunity for those with disability who currently fall through the gaps.

Founded by Paralympic champion Troy Sachs and sisters Jess and Ash Pellow, who have both required wheelchairs from a young age, together they are working to create opportunities that focus on people’s abilities rather than their disability.

portrait of wheelchair men with basketball looking at camera.
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Our Programs

The Ree Foundation runs programs to bring people living with a disability together and to help them experience life to the fullest. The programs provide adaptive solutions that support a variety of different needs, by adapting services and experiences to suit different physical requirements.



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Get Involved

Join us as we take our cause from your own living room with Jess and Ash’s Accessibili-Tea to the dizzying heights of the world’s seven tallest peaks as Troy prepares for his awe-inspiring Xplorers9 challenge.


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We need your help to achieve all we want to. Help us realise our dream to create a reality that shows what people with disabilities can really do. Find out how you can support the Ree Foundation.


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