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Our ability to support people with disabilities relies on the generosity of our wider community.

We need your help to achieve all we want to.

Together, we can enrich and enhance the lives of people with disabilities.

The best way you can support The Ree Foundation is by making a tax-deductible donation (donations of $2 or more are tax deductible). 

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Jess, Ash and Troy Sachs with their basketball team

Support Troy’s Xplorers9 fundraiser

Troy has launched his own fundraising campaign, Xplorers9, to raise awareness for The Ree Foundation.

Troy aims to become the third Australian and first ever amputee to complete the Explorers 9 Last Degree.

By 2026, he aims to climb the world’s seven highest peaks, ski both the North and South Poles and break the current speed record for completing the Explorers 9 Last Degree, all in pursuit of his goal to make adaptive adventure sports for people with disabilities more mainstream.

The Xplorers9 fundraising campaign will help The Ree Foundation achieve its mission by raising awareness of the Ree Foundation and getting international awareness.

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Jess, Ash and Troy Sachs with their basketball team

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